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CDAO Africa 2020

10-11 November 2020
The 5th Annual World Class Virtual Experience for
Data & Analytics Leaders


Winning the Data Culture War

Emmanuel Osanga, Head: Africa Regions Data Office, Standard Bank

#data #culture

In this episode I'm joined by Emmanuel Osanga who heads up the Data Office for Standard Bank's Africa regions. This is no small task - there are 17 countries in Emmanuel's portfolio. And he's working on building a data driven culture across all of them.

To achieve this Emmanuel suggests 3 key things as part of a culture change framework:

1. Move the hearts and minds of the people and you're halfway there

2. Ensure that the data strategy is aligned to the business strategy

3. Make the journey exciting!

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Ethics in AI

Nanda Padayachee, Head of AI, Automation & APIs, Standard Bank

The central theme of this episode is ethics in AI. It's a hot topic at the moment and there have been some bad examples which haven't done the technology any favours. 

Nanda talks about the importance of putting in the ethics and governance around AI into the mix early on and to not let the technology get too far advanced before this is done. 

Nanda's 4 tips are:

1. Use AI for a deliberate purpose not because everyone else is doing it
2. Have diverse teams working on developing the models
3. Use technology that can help detect bias
4. Deploy AI in line with the company ethos and philosophy

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Ethics in AI: Part 2

Dr Rachel Adams, Senior Research Specialist, Human Sciences Research Council

#ai #ethics

In this second episode in a series about Ethics in AI I'm joined by Dr Rachel Adams who is a Senior Research Specialist at the Human Sciences Research Council.

Rachel's working on understanding the implications of AI and 4IR on South African society. For her, privacy is the biggest ethical consideration when it comes to AI.

I ask her for her 3 top things to consider when developing AI:

1. Understand that data is not perfect or unbiased

2. Data Scientists have a lot of power and therefore a lot of responsibility

3. Apply ethics in a local context

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Ethics in AI: Part 3 - Signposting AI Ethics Credentials

Mark Caine, Lead: AI & ML, World Economic Forum

#ai #ethics

Episode 3 in the Ethics in AI series is with Mark Caine - Lead: AI & ML at the World Economic Forum. Mark talks about how WEF is working with governments, especially, in the development of ethics guidelines for AI.

With specific examples from NZ and the UK. We also cover some key topics like fairness and transparency.

Mark closes with his views on the opportunities presented by AI and some of the challenges that need to be overcome to grab them.

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Leading Data Driven Business Transformation

Paul Morley, Executive: Group Data Services, Nedbank

#data #analytics #businesstransformation...

In this episode I talk to Paul Morley to get his thoughts on how to lead data-driven business transformation. 

Paul's theory is that there is no clear end goal - especially in 5 year projects - so leading the team, and building the right team, is an exercise in celebrating incremental success. 

Paul's top 3 tips for leading change:

1. Get the whole team involved in the discussion
2. Leaders need to be visible doing the right things
3. Constantly feed information and remind the business of the North Star

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3 Tips for Data Management Excellence

Anwar Mirza, Data Governance & Strategy, FedEx Express

In this episode we catch up with Anwar Mirza who leads data governance and strategy at FedEx Express.

Anwar takes us through his philosophy for developing and implementing an effective data strategy within organizations. And, importantly, how to bring the rest of the business into the process through using language and concepts that have context in their business environment.

Two critical elements that Anwar drives is the importance of data governance being at the core of the data strategy. And how the data strategy must enable the overall corporate strategy. They should never exist independently of each other.

We distill the conversation into Anwar's Top 3 Tips for Building a Data Strategy [21mins]:
1. Be able to scale up data management capabilities by making them consistent and repeatable
2. Automate data management processes to achieve scale
3. Define and articulate the processes so they are auditable, repeatable and shareable

Lessons on Leadership

Michiel van Staden, Data Analytics Lead, absa

#data #analytics #leadership...

In this episode I chat to the winner of the inaugural DataCon Data Analytics Leader of the Year Award - Michiel van Staden. 

Michiel shares the lessons he's learnt as a leader over the years and talks specifically about the importance of listening to the people that work for you. 

Analytics in F1

Max Metral, Senior Analytics Manager, F1

#customeranalytics #formula1 #fanengagement

As a massive motorsports fan this episode was entirely self-indulgent. My guest is Max Metral who is the Senior Analytics Manager for Formula 1. 

Max spoke at Chief Data & Analytics Officer Africa in July 2019 and we catch up a year later so Max can give me an update on how data analytics is evolving in the pinnacle of motorsports entertainment. 

We talk a lot about how COVID has impacted the season and how fans are engaging with the content.

Experimentation in Data Analytics

Guy Taylor, Director of Data Science & Advanced Analytics, Booking.com

#datascience #dataculture...

I catch up with Guy Taylor who has recently moved from Nedbank to Booking.com - two vastly different industries. I ask Guy to compare data analytics between them before we delve into what's need to create a data driven culture. 

Data Analytics in the Pakistani Banking Sector

Jawad Raza, Head of Data Analytics, Big Data & AI, Meezan Bank (Pakistan)

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